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Texel Sales Newspaper Article                  


  • Jonsland Texel Sheep Newspaper Article

The Jonsland pedigree Texel Flock was established in 1992, by John Jones of Tynybryn Farms, Tregynon, Newtown, Powys. John had seen that the way forward was to use the Texel Breed for extra conformation to fulfil the increased demand for quality finished lambs.

Starting with a small nucleus of ewes, John's first stock ram came from Gary Cundell's  Ravensmoor Flock, the ram was Crosscrake Yorkie Boy, he had power and size, ensuring that the flock had an excellent base to work from.

From then on Conformation was the word in the Tynybryn house hold and throughout the last ten years John's breeding rams have been selected for that purpose. Rams from Penparc, Ravensmoor, Millend, Tophill,  Springbank and Crosscrake  Flocks have all had an influence on the Jonsland Flock, leaving rams of size power and shape.

With last year being a particular difficult one for all of the farming fraternity, due to the dreaded Foot and Mouth Disease which was in close proximity to Tynybryn. John and Jean prayed like many, that they would not be taken out and lose the flock that they had bred up to the winning flock it is today.

  • The most recent Accolades being :
  • Shropshire & Borders Texel Club Award for best Flock of Gimmers (2000)
  • Shropshire & Borders Texel Club Award for best Flock of Gimmers and Champion Flock (2002)
  • First Prize Welsh National Pedigree Texel Flock Competition (2002)
  • First Prize in the Mongomeryshire County Show Pedigree Flock Competition (2002)

Due to the lack of sales last year, John and Jean have selected a number of females in lamb to ARR/ARR R1 Rams :

  • Penparc Iona
  •  Haddo Ibiza
  • Castlecairn Injector

 to be presented at the following Sales :

  • National Premier In-Lamb sale at Carlisle on 6th December 2002
  • Shropshire & Border Club In-Lamb Sale at Welshpool on 9th December 2002
  • National Premier In-Lamb Sale at Bristol on 14th December 2002.
  • North West Texel Club In-Lamb Sale at Chelford on 4th January 2003
  • There are also 30 quality ewes (all privately genotyped) in-lamb to ARR/ARR R1 pedigree Texel rams to purchase at Tynybryn.

John is resolute that the way forward is to produce what the market is demanding, easy fleshed lambs with excellent conformation. Due to this selective breeding programme John has proven that this is the best way forward in adding value to the carcass with 90% of his fat lambs E's, U's and R's.

However the flock has meant much more to John and Jean than a financial enterprise, they enjoy meeting their friends and neighbours and thank every0ne for their business and the friendship that have been built up over the years.

  • Visitors are always welcome at Tynybryn.

For More Information Contact :

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Tel: 01686 650 227
FAX: 01686 650 798
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